Automotive Air Condition System Visual and Aural Check


1.Is the drive belt loose?
If the drive belt is too loose, it will slip; this will cause it to wear out.
2.Amount of air blow is insufficient
Check for dirt and clog in the clean air filter.
3.Noise heard near compressor
Check the compressor mounting bolts and the bracket mounting bolts.
4.Noise heard inside compressor
Noise could be caused by damaged internal components.
5.Condenser fins covered with dirt and dust
If the condenser fins are covered with dirt and dust, the condenser’s cooling efficiency will be greatly reduced. Wash off all dirt and dust from the condenser.
6.Oil stains on refrigeration system connections or joints
An oil stain on a connection or joint indicates that refrigerant is leaking from that place. If such an oil stain is found, parts should be retightened or replaced as necessary to stop the gas leakage.
7.Noise heard near blower
Turn the blower motor to LO, MED, and HI. If abnormal noise is produced or motor rotation is improper, replace the blower motor.
A foreign object lodged in the blower could also produce noise, and improper mounting of the motor could cause improper rotation, so these points should be fully checked before replacing the blower motor.
8.Checking refrigerant quantity through sight-glass
If a large flow of bubbles can be seen in the sight-glass, there is insufficient refrigerant, so replenish the refrigerant to the proper level. Also check for oil stains at this time, as described above, to make sure that there is no refrigerant leakage. If bubbles cannot be seen in the sight-glass, even when the condenser is cooled by pouring water on it, there is excessive refrigerant in the system, so discharge the refrigerant until the proper quantity remains.
When the system uses a sub-cool type condenser, refrigerant may not be sufficient even if the bubbles cannot be seen.

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