Automotive Door Lock Construction


Door lock assembly
The door is locked/unlocked when the direction of rotation of the door lock control motor is switched due to the change of the current direction.
The built-in door lock position switch detects whether the door is locked/unlocked (the switch is off when the door is locked and on when the door is unlocked).
The condition of the built-in key-operated switch is detected and transmitted to the integration relay (only in the door lock assembly on the driver’s and front passenger’s doors).
(1)Door lock control motor
(2)Door lock position switch
This switch detects whether the door is locked/unlocked.
The position switch consists of a point plate and switch base. When the locking lever is on the lock side, the switch turns off and when the locking lever is on the unlock side, the switch turns on.
Lock condition : switch off
Unlock condition : switch on
(3)Key-operated switch
The key-operated switch is built into the door lock assembly. It transmits lock/unlock signals to the integration relay when the door key cylinder is operated from the outside.

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