Components wireless door lock remote control system


The wireless door lock remote control system consists of the following components.
The transmitter operates by the lithium battery. When a switch is pressed, it sends the signal transformed into the radio wave to the door control receiver.
There are the following types of transmitters: key built-in type and key-holder type.
The range of the frequency of the radio wave (signal) transmitted by the transmitter is approx. 300 MHz to 500 MHz, and the frequency is different depending on the country. (The frequency of the older type of transmitter is approx. 30 MHz to 70 MHz)

2.Door control receiver
The door control receiver receives the signal from the transmitter and transmits the operation signal to the integration relay.
3.Integration relay
The integration relay detects the operating condition by following the input signal from each switch and outputs the lock/unlock signal to the door lock assembly by following the operation signal from the door control receiver.
4.Key unlock warning switch
The key unlock warning switch detects whether the key is inserted into the ignition key cylinder.
5.Ignition switch
6.Door courtesy switch
7.Door lock assembly
(Door lock control motor is built in)

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