Maintaining the proper coolant temperature (Diesel Engine).


Maintaining the proper fuel injection timing, injection pressure and spraying condition.

1. Comparison between diesel knock and gasoline knocking

Diesel knock and gasoline knocking both have a sudden rise of compression pressure during the combustion period. However they vary basically by timing, cause and condition. (1) Diesel knock Diesel knock occurs because of difficulties with self-ignition. Also, it occurs when the combustible air-fuel mixture burns all at once and explosively causing the pressure to rise suddenly. In a diesel engine, it is difficult to distinguish between normal combustion and diesel knock. Therefore it can only be distinguished by whether a sudden rise in pressure knocking noise is generated by or by which portion of the engine is shocked. (2) Gasoline knocking Gasoline knocking occurs when selfignites. In a gasoline engine, normal combustion and knocking are completely different.

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