Precaution for Airbag and Seat Belt Pretensioner Handling


Failure to carry out the service operations in the correct sequence could cause the supplemental restraint system to deploy unexpectedly during servicing.
This may lead to a serious accident. Furthermore, if a mistake is made in servicing the supplemental restraint system, it is possible that the SRS will fail to operate when required. Before servicing (including removal or installation of parts, inspection or replacement), be sure to read the below carefully.
Then follow the correct procedure described in the relevant Repair Manual.
SRS airbag and seat belt pretensioner
Always store a removed or new SRS airbag assembly with the airbag inflation direction facing upward.
Placing it with the airbag assembly surface facing downward or on top of something may cause a serious accident if the airbag inflates accidentally.
Never measure the resistance of the airbag initiator. (This may cause the airbag to inflate, which is very dangerous.)
Grease should not be applied to the SRS airbag assembly, and the airbag should not be cleaned with detergent of any kinds.
Store the airbag assembly where the ambient temperature remains below 93

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