Major Components of Oil Pump


The oil pump is driven by the torque converter (engine) to supply the hydraulic pressure that is required for the operation of the automatic transaxle.


Use the dipstick for fluid level inspection, making sure that the engine is running at an idle and that the ATF (Automatic Transaxle Fluid) is at normal operating temperature.


When towing an automatic transaxle vehicle, since the oil pump does not operate, the fluid lubrication inside the transaxle can be insufficient and there is a danger of the transaxle being seized. For this reason, the automatic transaxle vehicle should be towed at a low speed (no more than 30 km/h) and no more than 80 km at one time. As a better method, the automatic transaxle vehicle should be towed with its drive wheels lifted clear of the ground, or the drive or propeller shaft should be disconnected.

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