SC Type Automotive Alternator


An SC type alternator adopts a joined segment conductor system (insert the segment conductor and weld it) to the stator winding method. This type of alternator can reduce the resistance value by half comparing to the conventional type alternator and achieve downsizing, high-power, and high-efficiency.
Location of components
The characteristics of main components of an SC type alternator will be explained below.
Segment conductor
Segment conductor + weld + coating
Dual winding
Accompanying the dual winding, 12 diodes are used.
(3)IC regulator
As opposed to the conventional type that forms the circuit on the ceramic IC board, IC regulator is downsized by integrating the circuit in one chip.
Construction and operation
(1)Segment conductor system
This alternator adopts a joined segment conductor system, in which multiple segment conductors are welded together to the stator. Compared to the conventional winding system, the electrical resistance is reduced due to the shape of the segment conductors, and their arrangement helps to make the alternator more compact.
(2)Dual winding system
This system consists of two sets of three-phase windings whose phases are staggered 30

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