What is an Automotive Axle?


The axle supports the wheels. Therefore, the axle varies in design according to the type of suspension and power train (FF, FR, 4WD, etc.). The axle shaft supports the wheel and transmits the drive torque from the drive shaft. HINT:

The drive shaft and axle shaft combination is also called the drive shaft. 1. Type using angular ball bearings

(1) Front axle with drive shaft

The drive shafts that take their place respond to the up-and-down, and the left-and-right, movements of the vehicle while at the same time transmitting the drive power from the differential directly to the wheels. Most modern vehicles use angular ball bearings or unit type double-row tapered bearings as axle bearings.

(2) Rear axle without drive shaft

The rear axle of FF vehicles is used only to bear the load. Most modern vehicles also use angular ball bearings as axle bearings, as in the front axle.

(3) Front axle without drive shaft

The front axles in FR vehicles are used only to support vehicle weight, and are a part of the steering system. Angular ball bearings are used in the latest passenger cars.

(4) Rear axle with drive shaft

In independent suspension, there is no axle housing, and the differential is mounted to directly the body. The drive shaft transmits the drive power from the differential to the wheels. HINT: When installing the angular ball bearing, tighten it to the specified torque. Preload adjustment is unnecessary. (1/2)

Type using Tapered roller bearings

(1) Front axle without drive shaft

With the steering knuckle as the axis, the load bearing on the front wheels is transmitted to the suspension. Each wheel is fitted to its steering knuckle via two tapered roller bearings.

(2) Rear axle without drive shaft

The bearing is inserted onto the axle shaft via the brake drum, and it supports the axle shaft. HINT: The preload adjustment must be performed for the tapered roller bearing.

Type using Radial ball bearings

Rear axle (FR vehicle)

The rear axle of a FR vehicle not only supports the load bearing on the rear wheels but also transmits the driving power from the engine to the wheels.

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