Automotive Power Window System Decription and Functions



The power window system is the system to open and close the windows by switch operation.

The power window motor rotates when the power window switch is operated.

The power window motor revolution is then changed to up-and-down motion by the window regulator to open or close the window.

2.The power window system includes the following functions:

Manual open/close function

One touch auto open/close function

Window lock function

Jam protection function

Key-off power window function


Some models have the driver door key cylinder linked function.


1.Manual open/close function

When the power window switch is pushed or pulled halfway, the window opens or closes until the switch is released.

2.One touch auto open/close function

When the power window switch is pushed or pulled fully, the window fully opens or closes.


Some models have only auto open function and some models have auto open/close function for the driver’s window only.

3.Window lock function

When the window lock switch is turned on, the opening and closing of all windows except the driver’s window is disabled.

4.Jam protection function

This function automatically stops the power window and moves it downward about 50 mm if foreign matter gets caught in the window during one touch auto close operation.

5.Key-off power window function

This function allows the operation of the power window system for approximately 45 seconds after the ignition switch is turned to the ACC or LOCK position, if the driver’s door is not opened.


Driver door key cylinder linked function

This function opens and closes the window according to the operation of the driver door key cylinder and wireless door lock.

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