Automotive Troubleshooting Terminal Contact Pressure Inspection


Purpose of inspection
When a malfunction such as poor contact occurs momentarily, inspect the contact pressure to determine where the malfunction area is.
(1) Disconnect the connector
(2) Visually check for rust or foreign matter on the connector terminals.
(3) Check for looseness or damage on the staked position of the terminal. Lightly pull the wire harness and check that they are not disconnected.
(4) Turn up the engaging surface of the female connector and insert a male terminal unit into each one of the female terminals, one at a time.
Prepare a male terminal from an identical model connector by cutting one repair wire, and use that when testing the female terminal.
(5) Hold the female connector by hand, wiggle it to the right and left and check whether the inspected terminal sinks due to its weight.
• When the constriction of the male terminal can be seen, it has contact pressure and is judged to be normal.
• When the constriction of the male terminal hides in the connector, it has no contact pressure, so replace the terminals or connectors.

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