Basic Automotive inspection


Engine System
• When fully depressing the accelerator pedal, whether the throttle valve fully opens or not
• Whether the amount of coolant and engine oil is good or not, whether the drive belt tension is good or not (overheat is suspected)
• Whether rough idling exists or not (compression pressure drop in a specific cylinder is suspected)
• Whether the air cleaner element has dirt or not (clog in intake system is suspected)
• Whether the diesel smoke level when sudden accelerating without load is good or not (diesel engine only)
• Whether no load maximum speed is good or not (diesel engine only)

Drive train System
• Whether the clutch slip exists or not
• The amount of ATF is good or not (AT slip is suspected)
• Whether stall speed is good or not (AT slip and torque converter failure are suspected)
Brake System
• Whether the brake drag exists or not
Others System
• Whether the fuel sedimenter indicator operates or not

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