Causes of Tire Wearing


Tire wear is the loss of or damage to tread and other rubber surfaces due to friction generated when the tire slips on the road. It varies with inflation pressure, load, vehicle speed, braking, road surface conditions, temperature, and other factors.

Inflation pressure

Insufficient inflation pressure accelerates tire wear by allowing the tread to flex excessively as it contacts the road.

Hard riding:

Higher inflation pressure means greater tire rigidity. If it is too high, however, the tire will fail to absorb shocks from the road surface, leading to hard riding. Each vehicle model has a recommended tire inflation pressure that is best suited for the intended load and

application. Installing tires that are more rigid will make the ride harder.

Hard steering:

Too low an inflation pressure makes the tread contact surface wider, increasing the resistance between the tire and the road surface and thus making the steering more sluggish.

Car pulls to one side during normal driving:

If the inflation pressures of the right and left tires differ, there will be a difference in the rolling resistances of the tires and the vehicle will tend to veer toward the right or left.

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