Power Tilt and Power Telescopic Steering Column


1. Description

This type of steering column adjusts the tilt mechanism and telescopic mechanism electrically. A motor is used for each mechanism, and operations with a switch.

2. Construction

The power tilt mechanism section consists of the tilt motor, tilt worm shaft, tilt worm gear, and slider. The power telescopic mechanism section consists of the telescopic motor, sliding tube, and telescopic screw.

The switches for operating these motors are on the steering column cover.

HINT: If the tilt away auto switch is ON, when the ignition key is removed, the tilt position of the steering column automatically moves to the highest position and the telescopic position moves to the shortest position for the driver to get on and off comfortably. Also, since the ECU stores the column position read by sensor into memory, when the ignition key is inserted again, the steering column returns to its original position.

3. Operation

(1) Power tilt operation

Operating the switch up or down operates the tilt motor. The tilt worm gear and tilt worm shaft start to rotate and the slider slides. The steering column linked with the linkage tilts up or down.

(2) Power telescopic operation

Operating the switch left or right operates the telescopic motor. The telescopic worm gear starts to rotate and the sliding tube slides forward or backward.

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