Automatic Aircondition System



1. Auto A/C (Air Conditioner) System
The auto A/C system is activated by setting the desired temperature with the temperature selector and pressing the AUTO switch. The system immediately adjusts and maintains the temperature at the set level with the automatic control of the ECU.

The auto A/C is controlled by the following components:
1.A/C control ECU (or A/C amplifier)
2.Engine ECU
3.Control panel
4.Interior temperature sensor
5.Ambient temperature sensor
6.Solar sensor
7.Evaporator temperature sensor
8.Water temperature sensor (engine ECU sends the signal)
9.A/C pressure switch
10.Air mix servomotor
11.Air inlet servomotor
12.Airflow servomotor
13.Blower motor
14.Blower controller (controls blower motor)
In some models, the following components are also used for the auto A/C control.
Duct sensors
Smog ventilation sensor


1.A/C control ECU
The ECU computes the temperature and volume of the air to be blown and determines which vents to use based on the temperature detected by each sensor and the set temperature.
These values are used to control the air mix damper position, blower motor speed, and airflow damper positions.
In some models, MPX (multiplex communication system) is used to transmit operation signals from the control panel to the A/C control ECU.

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