Automatic Aircondition Systm Air Inlet Control


Air inlet control normally introduces exterior air. When the gap between the interior temperature and the set temperature is large, the air inlet control automatically switches to the interior air re-circulation mode for more effective cooling.
The air inlet control functions in the following way:
Normally: FRESH
When the interior temperature is high: RECIRC
In some vehicles, air inlet control also switches to RECIRC automatically if the level of CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons), and NOx (oxides of nitrogen) in the exterior air detected by the smog ventilation sensor exceeds the specified level.
When the DEF mode is selected for airflow, the air inlet control switches to FRESH mode automatically. (This control is not available in some models.)

Neural Network Control (Reference)
Even at the same TAO, each passenger feels the temperature differently depending on the environment. With the conventional auto A/C system that uses the calculated TAO as the basis for all control, temperature adjustment considering the individual passenger’s feeling was difficult, as such feeling is too complex to be formulated.
In order to provide a high level of control that even senses the passenger’s feeling, neural network technology was adopted. Neural network is the engineering model of the neural information transmission of organism. The neuron model for the complex relations between input and output of neurotransmission of humans is structured.
Neural network is the combination of several neuron models and consists of input, intermediate, and output layers.

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