Automatic Aircondition Systm Warm-up Control


When the airflow mode is set at FOOT or BI-LEVEL and blower speed selector is set at AUTO, the blower speed is controlled based on the coolant temperature.
(1)When the coolant temperature is low
To stop the cool wind, warm-up control restricts the blower fan from turning.
(2)When warming up
Warm-up control compares the air volume detected by the coolant temperature sensor and that calculated from TAO, takes the lower value, and provides lower blower speed.
(3)After warming up
Warm-up control performs normal control based on TAO.
This control is activated only for heating, not for cooling.

Time-lag Airflow Control

When a vehicle is parked under the hot sun for a long time, the air conditioner releases hot air immediately after the activation. The time-lag airflow control function prevents such a problem.
(1)When the evaporator temperature is above 30

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