Automotive M-Type SRS AIRBAG


The M-type SRS airbag is a compact driver’s side airbag in which the airbag sensor, inflator and bag are all contained in the steering wheel pad. A sensor lock release bolt or rod is provided to the left of the steering wheel, functioning as a safety device to prevent the airbag from being activated. The airbag will not be activated even when subjected to impact when the sensor lock release bolt is loosened or the rod is pulled out.

What are Seat Belt Pretensioners?
Seat belts do not completely immobilize the occupants in their seats. There is still a small amount of space between the seat belt and occupant.
Consequently, even if seat belts are worn, occupants may still make contact with the interior of the vehicle during a severe collision, although with much less force than unrestrained occupants.
Pretensioners operate during a severe frontal collision. As a result of the belt being retracted by a certain amount before the occupant moves forward beyond the seat, the amount of forward movement of the occupant is reduced. The combined use of airbags and seat belts with pretensioners results in maximum protection of the driver and front passenger.
Seat belt pretensioners are designed to operate only once.
When a seat belt pretensioners is activated, an operating noise may be heard and a small amount of smoke-like gas may be released. This gas is harmless and does not indicate that a fire is occurring.
Seat belt pretensioners operate even if an occupant is not sitting in the seat.

The seat belt with pretensioner + force limiter consists of an ELR lock mechanism, pretensioner mechanism, belt retraction mechanism, force limiter mechanism and the inflator. In the pretensioner mechanism, the force of the gas pressure from the inflator is transmitted via the clutch mechanism to the retractor shaft to retract the seat belt.
The pretensioner is a device that retracts the seat belt instantaneously at the beginning of a collision and maintains the effect of the restraint of the passenger.
(2)Force Limiter:
The force limiter is a device that extends the belt to maintain the specified value in order to reduce the force applied to the chest when the belt load reaches the specified value.

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