SRS Airbag Construction and Operation – Connectors


All connectors in the SRS airbag are colored yellow to distinguish them from other connectors.
Connectors having special functions and specifically designed for the SRS airbag are used in the locations shown in the left to ensure high reliability.
These connectors use durable gold-plated terminals.

Terminal twin-lock mechanism
Application Connectors 2,4,6,8,10,12,13, 14,15,16,17,23,24

Airbag activation prevention mechanism
Application Connectors 2,4,18,20,22,24, 26,28

Electrical connection check mechanism
Application Connectors 1,2,3,4

Connector twin-lock mechanism
Application Connectors 29,30

Half connection prevention mechanism
Application Connectors 6,8,10,14,23

Connector lock mechanism
Application Connectors 19,21,25,27

(1)Terminal twin-lock mechanism:
Each connector has a two-piece component consisting of a housing and a spacer.
This design secures the locking of the terminal by two locking devices (the retainer and the lance) to prevent terminals from coming out.
(2)Airbag activation prevention mechanism:
Each connector contains a short spring plate.
When the connector is disconnected, the short spring plate automatically connects the positive (+) terminal and negative (-) terminal of the initiator.
(3)Electrical connection check mechanism:
This mechanism electrically checks that connectors are connected correctly and completely.
The electrical connection check mechanism is designed so that the disconnection detection pin connects with the diagnosis terminals when the connector housing lock is locked.

(4)Connector twin-lock mechanism:
With this mechanism connectors (male and female connectors) are locked by two locking devices to increase connection reliability. If the primary lock is incomplete, the ribs interfere and prevent the secondary lock from being applied.
(5)Half connection prevention mechanism:
If the connector is not completely connected, the connector is disconnected due to the spring operation to the extent that no continuity exists.
(6) Connector lock mechanism:
Locking the connector lock securely connects the connector.

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