Automotive Theft Deterrent System


To deter theft from the vehicle, this system is designed to give an alarm if any of the doors or hood is forcibly unlocked or the battery terminal is disconnected and then reconnected while all the doors are locked.
The alarm blows the horn intermittently and flashes the headlights, taillights and other exterior lights.
The security indicator light flashes to inform those around the vehicle that the vehicle is equipped with a theft deterrent system.
The alarming devices vary depending on the areas.
The theft deterrent system uses the function of the door lock system.
In some models, the system stops the starter relay operation while the alarm is working so that the starter is not operated.


The theft deterrent system has four states.
(1)Disarmed state
The theft deterrent system is not working. Therefore, it does not detect any theft.
(2)Armed preparation state
A delay time until the system reaches the armed state. It does not detect any theft.
(3)Armed state
A state in which the theft deterrent system can operate.
(4)Alarm state
In this state, the system detects theft and continues to alarm those around the vehicle for approximately 60 seconds by light and sound. The alarm devices vary depending on models or areas.
The theft deterrent system has two modes and the modes can be switched according to the users’ requests. At the plant, all vehicles are set in the active mode.

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