Other Operation of Theft Deterrent System


1.Forced door lock operation
When the system reaches the alarm state, and one of the doors is subsequently unlocked, the forced door lock operation forcefully outputs a door lock signal to prevent intrusion into the vehicle. This operation becomes activated when all the starting conditions listed below have been met, and stops when one of the stopping conditions occurs.
(1)Starting condition:
The theft deterrent system is in the alarm state.
There is no key inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
One of the doors is unlocked.
(2)Stopping condition:
All doors are locked.
The alarm state ends.
The key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
2.Alarm memory operation
When the driver returns to the vehicle and unsets the theft deterrent system, this function illuminates the taillights for two seconds to inform the driver that the theft deterrent system had been alarmed and was in the alarm state.

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