Cruise Control System Warning Indication


Notifies the driver if trouble occurs with the CCS.
2.Warning indication
If the cruise control ECU does not receive a vehicle speed signal for a predetermined period of time, or if cruise control is automatically cancelled by malfunction in one of the control switches or actuator, the cruise control ECU immediately causes the power indicator light on the combination meter to blink five times or continuously in order to alert the driver about the system malfunction.
The power indicator light stops blinking after five times on older models, but blinks continuously on recent models.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Indication
If the system is cancelled by a malfunction in the actuator circuit, the speed sensor, or the control switch circuit while driving with the cruise control on, the cruise control power indicator light will blink five times or continuously.
The contents of malfunctions are stored in the cruise control ECU and can be output in the form of a diagnosis trouble code.
2.Output method for DTC (Diagnosis Trouble Code)
(1)When reading DTC with a hand-held tester
Connect a hand-held tester to the DLC (Data Link Connector) and read the DTC.
(2)When reading DTC with the cruise control power indicator light in the combination meter
Using SST, connect terminal Tc and E1 or CG of DLC.
As an example, the blinking patterns for codes normal, 11 and 21 are shown in the figure.
Erasing method for DTC

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