Cruise Control System Input Signal Check Function


Whether signals from the speed sensor and those from the order switches are sent to the cruise control ECU normally can be conformed to the following by reading the blinking pattern of the power indicator light.
(1)Turn the ignition switch on.
(2)Turn the SET/COAST switch on by pushing the lever down and by holding it on.
(3)Push the main switch on.
(4)Check that the power indicator light blinks two or three times repeatedly after three seconds.
(5)Turn the SET/COAST switch off by pushing the lever up and by releasing it.
(6)Meet the conditions listed at the left.
(7)Read the blinking pattern of the power indicator light.
(8)After performing the check, turn the main switch off.
Inspection of the vehicle speed signal should be performed when all the cancellation switches are off. If any trouble occurs during diagnosis, the power indicator light blinks.The ETCS-i type can check the input signal check by using the DATA LIST function of a hand-held tester.

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