Diesel Throttle Outline (1CD-FTV/15B-FTE)


The diesel throttle is mounted on the intake manifold. The throttle valve, which operates independently from the accelerator pedal, uses the diesel throttle control motor (step motor) to regulate the throttle opening accordance with the signals received from the ECU.

Purpose :

1. Ensures an optimal amount of EGR volume throughout the operating range by increasing the intake manifold vacuum.

2. Reduces the intake noise and vibration by closing the throttle valve at idle.

3. Reduces vibrations by fully closing the throttle when stopping the engine in order to reduce the amount of air intake volume.

Diesel Throttle Operation

1. When the engine is running, the opening of the throttle is optimally adjusted according to the engine speed, engine load conditions, and the EGR volume.

2. When the engine is stopped, the throttle closes fully to shut off the intake of air. By minimizing the compression in the cylinder, vibrations that occur when stopping the engine are reduced.


Intake Constrictor Control (1KZ-TE)

The intake constrictor control contains a main valve and a sub valve. The main valve operates with the accelerator pedal and the sub valve operates with the actuators that function with two VSVs (VSV1 and VSV2), which operate in accordance with the signals received from the ECU.

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