E-Type SRS Airbag Components


Location of Components
The SRS airbag system consists of the following components.
1.Front airbag sensor (LH, RH)
2.Center airbag sensor assembly
(airbag sensor assembly)
3.Driver airbag assembly
4.Front passenger airbag assembly
5.Spiral cable
6.Side airbag assembly (LH, RH)
7.Curtain shield airbag assembly (LH, RH)
8.Seat belt pretensioner (LH, RH)
9.Side airbag sensor (LH, RH) (side and curtain shield airbag sensor)
10.Curtain shield airbag sensor (LH, RH)
11.Seat position airbag sensor (with dual-stage airbag)
12.SRS warning light

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