What Are SRS Airbag?


1.Vehicle safety

Vehicles have two kinds of safety requirements. The first is active safety, which involves preventing accidents before they occur, and the other is passive safety, which involves protecting vehicle occupants at the time of collision. In order to protect vehicle occupants in a collision, it is important both to keep damage to the cabin to a minimum, as well as to minimize the occurrence of secondary collisions caused by the movement of occupants within the cabin. A body with a crash impact absorbing structure, seat belts, SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags and so forth is employed in order to accomplish this.

2.CIAS (Crash Impact Absorbing Structure) body

Absorbing and dispersing the force of impact of a collision through deformation of the front or rear portions of the vehicle body reduces the force of the impact transmitted to occupants. Providing a rigid cabin structure also minimizes deformation of the cabin.

3.Seat belt

Seat belts are the primary means of restraining occupants. Wearing seat belts prevents occupants from being thrown out of the vehicle during a collision while also minimizing the occurrence of secondary collisions within the cabin.

4.SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag

The SRS airbags are designed to provide further protection to occupants when added to the primary protection provided by the seat belts. In response to a severe front or side collision, the SRS airbags work together with the seat belts to prevent or reduce injury by inflating.

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