Automotive Air Condition System Compressor


1.Crank type
In the reciprocating compressor, the rotation of the compressor crankshaft is changed to the reciprocating movement of a piston.
2. Through-vane type
Each vane of the through-vane compressor forms an integral component with its opposite. There are two such vane pairs, each mounted at right angles to the other in slots in the rotor. As the rotor turns, the vanes shift in the radial direction as their ends slide across the inside surface of the cylinder.
Pressure Relief Valve and Shaft Seal
1.Pressure relief valve
If adequate ventilation is not provided to the condenser, or if the cooling load becomes excessively large, the pressure at the high-pressure side of the condenser and receiver/dryer will become abnormally high, creating the danger of a burst pipe. To prevent this problem, if the pressure at the high-pressure side rises to between 3.43 MPa (35 kgf/cm

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