Automotive Air Condition System Operation and Function


1.Control panel
There are many selectors on the control panel for the car A/C. These selectors are categorized as follows; air inlet selector, temperature selector, airflow selector, and blower speed selector.
The shape of the selector varies depending on the models or grades, but the functions are the same.

Switching Dampers

1.Switching dampers
The air inlet control, temperature control, and switching of outlets can be done by operating the selectors on the control panel. The air inlet damper switches the air inlet, the air mix damper performs temperature control, and the airflow dampers switch the outlet. These dampers are operated either by wire cable or by motor.
2.Air inlet switching function
The air inlet selector switches the air inlet control: either recirculation or fresh outside air in the vehicle interior. In ordinary usage, considering the ventilation of the vehicle interior, outside air intake is selected. When outside air intake is selected, the air inlet damper opens the outside air suction port and closes the inside air introducing port. When the outside air is polluted, the selector is used to switch to inner circulation.
3.Temperature control function
This controls the temperature, changing the ratio of the cold air that has passed through the evaporator to the warm air that has passed through the heater core by moving the air mix damper.
4.Outlet switching function
5.Types of damper operation
(1)Wire cable type
This type is constructed so that the movement of a selector directly activates the dampers. The construction is simple; however, selector operation may become hard when the sliding condition of the wire cable becomes faulty and the routing of the wires is bad.
(2)Motor type
In this type, since a motor operates the dampers to the proper position, the construction is complicated. However, this can reduce the force required in operation and makes operation easier.

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