Function of Automotive Radio


1.Preset function
By storing the received broadcast into the preset button, the user can select the broadcast that he wants only by pressing the preset button.
2.Auto station seeking function (SEEK)
By pressing the tuning button, the received frequencies are changed in order. When the system detects a certain strength of the received radio wave, it stops seeking and outputs the program of the broadcast station.
3.RDS (Radio Data System) function
RDS is a data transmission system that uses the empty channels of the FM broadcast and is an information service to transmit various useful data or other information by radio text.
In the RDS function, the most variable function is AF function. By using this function, network follow, which automatically switches into another broadcast station that is broadcasting the same program when the receiving condition of the program becomes worse, can be performed.
By using the PTY function, the frequency is automatically tuned to the broadcast station that is broadcasting the desired category. The increased “highly-developed function” of the radio can be seen.
(1)AF function (alternative frequency) “The station frequency list broadcasting the same program”
This function provides frequency information of the broadcast station that transmits the same program the user is receiving in adjacent service areas.
(2)PTY function (program type) “Program contents identification”
This function classifies what the received programs are like and identifies them. For example, when the user wants to listen to the news, the radio receiver can automatically search for the station that is broadcasting the news.
RDS has various functions other than those above.
Refer to the Owner’s Manual for details.

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