Handling CD and CD Player


1.Handling CD player
When it is cold or rainy, if condensation (water droplets) from inside the CD player, ventilate or dehumidify.
Otherwise, the player may skip tracks or not play at all.
When driving on a rough road, resulting in severe vibrations, the player may skip tracks, so be careful.
Never insert any object other than a compact disc, such as a screwdriver or other metal object or magnet, into the compact disc loading slot.
When listening to an 8-cm CD with the 12-cm single purpose CD player, be sure to use the adapter. Even when the adapter is used, the player may skip a track or due to the adapter’s deformation, the player may not operate well. (Most recent CD decks can use the 8-cm CD without the adapter. Be sure to read the instruction handbook.)
CDs rotate very fast in the player.
Never use a cracked or warped CD.
2.Handling CD
Dirt, dust, scratches and warping can cause the CD player to skip tracks.
Handle with great care, especially when the CD is taken up or stored.
If the playing surface (the surface with no printing) is touched, the CD becomes dirty and sound quality becomes poor, so always hold the compact disc so that no fingerprints get on it.
Do not affix paper or other material to the label surface or write on it with a ball-point pen. Do not scratch the surface.
Store the CD when it is not in use. Do not keep the high temperature and high humidity.
Do not place compact discs in the direct sunlight on car seats or the dashboard.
To clean the CD, do not use benzene, record spray, static electricity remover, etc.
If a compact disc is soiled, use a soft cloth moistened with water and wipe it from the inside to the outside (radially). Do not wipe in the direction of the circumference direction.

Handing In-Dash CD Changer

When transporting the In-dash CD auto changer as a unit, to prevent the damage due to the impact, set it in “SHIP mode.”
Before pulling out the power supply connector (vehicle harness), eject all the discs in the changer.
Set the changer to the “transport mode” first, and then remove the power supply connector.
2.Transport mode setting method
(1)Turn the ignition switch once from ACC to LOCK.
(2)While pressing “SEEK UP” button and “DISC” button simultaneously, turn the ignition switch to ON.
3.Transport mode checking method
When radio body has display on itself, “SHIP” is displayed. (While doing step (2), the CD insertion slot indicator stops blinking and lights up in some vehicles.)
After pulling out the power supply connector, check that the red part can be seen from the hole with the “SHIP” mark of the rear chassis.
In the case that all the CDs cannot be ejected, pull out the power supply connector keeping that condition.
The setting method varies depending on the In-dash CD auto changer type, so refer to the Repair Manual for details.

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