Illuminated Entry System/Interior Light Reminder System


1.Illuminated entry system operation
When there is no key in the ignition key cylinder
When all of the doors are closed after any one of the doors was open
When the above conditions are satisfied, a key unlock warning switch off signal is input to terminal A.
A courtesy switch on-off signal to terminal B is input to the IC in the integration relay. According to these signals, the IC activates a timer function. Tr continues to remain on for 15 seconds. Even after all doors are closed, current flows from terminal C for 15 seconds, so the interior light, and ignition key illumination remain on.
When the system is operating normally, the lights will come on for 15 seconds. However, while the timer is operating, when the ignition switch is turned on or all doors are locked, the lights are immediately off. Some models have a system in which the lights go out gradually. The length of time the lights are on and other details vary depending on the model.

2.Interior light reminder system operation

Discharge Headlight System

The arc tube contains xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts. When high voltage is applied between the electrodes, forces electrons and metal atoms to collide and discharge, and releases light energy to turn on the bulbs.
(1)The system releases a high voltage pulse (approx. 20,000 V) between electrodes on both sides, making the xenon gas emit light.
(2)In accordance with an increase in temperature inside the bulb, the mercury evaporates and an arc is discharged.
(3)When the temperature inside the bulb increases further, the metal halide salts in the mercury arc evaporate and separate and metal atoms discharge light.
(4)Light discharge is stable due to control by the light control ECU.

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