Characteristics of Automotive Audio System


The principle of the car audio system is same as that of the home audio system.
However, the car audio system is used in a vehicle where the conditions are severe. The following characteristics are observed.
1.Power supply is used for the vehicle battery
The power supply of the car audio system is the battery. The system operates on 12V (24V) of voltage.
2.Consideration of vibration and dust
The car audio system is designed to withstand the vibration and dust on unpaved roads, bumpy roads, etc.
3.Good sensitivity
The radio receiver is designed to be very sensitive so that it can pick up signals even when the vehicle drives through areas where the radio wave is not strong. The strength of the radio wave varies depending on the places. It is equipped with a circuit (AGC circuit) to regulate the difference.
4.Easy operation
The car audio system can be operated easily while the user is driving the vehicle. The radio receiver has a push button mechanism and auto search function.
5.Low sensitive to electrical noise
In the vehicle, there are many devices, such as ignition system, charging system, and motor, which always produce electrical noise. The car audio system has many electronic circuits to prevent the noise from entering the system.
6.Low sensitive to heat and cold
The temperature inside the cabin parked outdoors in the mid-summer becomes very high (above 80

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