Wiper and washer switch


(1)Wiper switch
The wiper switch is on the steering column shaft, that is, it is in the position where the driver can operate it any time he/she needs. The wiper switch has OFF (stop), LO (low-speed) and HI (high-speed) and other positions to switch the movement. Some models have MIST (the wiper operates only while the wiper switch is in the mist position), INT (the wiper operates intermittently in a certain interval) and a variable switch for adjusting the interval time.
The wiper and washer switch are combined with the light control switch in many cases. Therefore, this is sometimes called a combination switch. In models equipped with a rear wiper, the rear wiper switch is on the wiper switch to switch between ON and OFF.
Some models have INT position on the rear wiper. In recent vehicle models, the ECU is built in the combination switch for MPX (multiplex communication system).

(2)Intermittent wiper relay
This relay actuates the wipers to operate intermittently.
Most recently, a wiper switch with a built-in relay is used widely.
A small relay and a transistorized circuit, which includes capacitors and resistors, are incorporated into this intermittent wiper relay.
The flow of current to the wiper motor is controlled by this internal relay in response to signals from the wiper switch, causing the wiper motor to run intermittently.
(3)Washer switch
The washer switch is combined with the wiper switch. The washer motor operates and injects washer fluid when the washer switch is operated.

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