Wiper and Washer system


The wiper and washer system is a system that keeps the view clear by removing raindrops on the windshield glass and the back window glass when it rains.
Used with washer, the system can clear dirt from the windshield glass.
For these reasons, this is an essential system for driving vehicles safely. Recently, some models have functions in which the wiper speed changes in response to the vehicle speed, and the wiper automatically operates when it rains.

Wiper and washer system consists of the following;
1.Front wiper arm / front wiper blade
2.Front wiper motor and link
3.Front washer nozzle
4.Washer tank (in washer motor)
5.Wiper and washer switch (in intermittent wiper relay)
6.Rear wiper arm / rear wiper blade
7.Rear wiper motor
8.Rear wiper control relay
9.Wiper control unit (passenger side J/B ECU)
10.Rain sensor

Wiper arm / wiper blade
These are the major components of the wiper system. The structure of the wiper is a blade rubber attached to a metal bar called the wiper blade. The wiper is moved circularly by the wiper arm.
Since the blade rubber is pressed on the windshield glass by the spring, the wiper can wipe the windshield glass by moving the wiper blade. The circular movement is created by the motor and the link mechanism.
Since the blade rubber attached to the wiper blade degrades by use as well as by sunlight, temperature, etc., it is essential to replace the rubber periodically.

Semi-concealed wiper / full-concealed wiper
The conventional wiper can be seen from the front of the vehicle.
However, for aerodynamics, flush surface and wider view, recent wipers are concealed under the engine hood.
The wiper of which even a part can be seen is called a semi-concealed wiper and that of which nothing can be seen is called a full-concealed wiper.
With the wiper fully concealed, if it is frozen by snow, or any other conditions, the wiper cannot be moved. Clearing the snow by operating the wiper system forcefully could break the wiper motor. To prevent this, most vehicle models are structured to manually change the full-concealed wiper into the semi-concealed wiper.
After switching to the semi-concealed wiper, the wiper arm can be locked back by moving it in the direction indicated by the arrow in the illustration.

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