Wiper switch turned INT operation


(1)Tr ON operation
When the wiper switch is moved to the INT position, Tr1 goes on for an instant, causing the relay point to switch from A side to the B side.
When the relay point switches to the B side, current flows to the motor (LO) and the motor starts turning at low-speed.
(2)Tr OFF operation
Tr1 goes off again soon, causing the relay point to switch back from the B side to the A side. However, once the motor starts to turn, the cam switch point switches from the P3 side to the P2 side, so current continues to flow to the low-speed brush of the motor and the wiper operates at low-speed, and it stops when it comes to the fixed stop position.
Tr1 goes on again for an instant, causing the wipers to repeat their intermittent operation.
In the interval adjusting type, the variable resistance varies by turning the variable switch and the transistorized circuit adjusts the interval to supply current to Tr, causing the intermittent operation to be changed.

1.Washer switch turned ON operation
When the washer switch is turned on, current flows to the washer motor.
In washer-linked wipers, Tr1 goes on for a predetermined period when the washer motor is operated, causing the wipers to operate at low-speed once or twice.
The time Tr1 is on is the time it take the capacitor inside the transistorized circuit to recharge.
The capacitor recharge time depends on the time that the washer switch is on.

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