Automotive Air Condition System Inspection/Test


Notes for Maintenance of Air Conditioning System

1.When handling refrigerant the following precautions must be observed
Do not handle refrigerant in an enclosed area or near an open flame.
Always wear eye protection.
Be careful that liquid refrigerant does not get in your eyes or on your skin.
(1)If liquid refrigerant gets in your eyes or your skin:
Do not rub.
Wash the area with a lot of cool water.
Apply clean petroleum jelly to the skin.
Go immediately to a physician or hospital for professional treatment.
Do not attempt to treat yourself.
2.When replacing parts on refrigerant line
Recover the refrigerant into the refrigerant recovery machine for reuse.
Insert a plug immediately in disconnected parts to prevent entry of moisture and dust.
Do not leave a new condenser or receiver/dryer, etc, lying around with the plug removed.
Discharge nitrogen gas from the charging valve before removing the plug from the new compressor. If the nitrogen gas is not discharged first, compressor oil will spray out with the nitrogen gas when the plug is removed.
Do not use a burner for bending or lengthening tubes.
3.When tightening connecting parts
Apply a few drops of compressor oil to O-ring fittings for easy tightening and to prevent leakage of refrigerant gas.
Tighten the nut using two opened wrenches to avoid twisting the tube.
Tighten the O-ring fittings or the bolted type fittings to the specified torque.
4.When handling refrigerant container
The container must never be heated.
Containers must be kept below 40

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