Automotive Door Lock Mechanical function (One-motion open function):


The door lock control system that is controlled by the integration relay consists of the following parts:
1.Integration relay (door lock ECU)
The integration relay receives signals from each switch and transmits lock/unlock signals to each door lock assembly to drive the door lock control motor for each door.
2.Door lock assembly
The door lock assembly locks/unlocks each door. The doors can be locked/unlocked also by electrically activating the built-in door lock control motor.
3.Ignition switch
4.Key unlock warning switch
The key unlock warning switch detects whether the key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
5.Driver’s door courtesy switch
6.Door lock control switch (power window master switch)
In other cases, lock/unlock operation is controlled by the body ECU in the MPX (Multiplex communication system).

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