Operations of wireless door lock remote control system


1.All doors lock/unlock operation

(1)Transmit and judge the operation

When the lock/unlock switch of the transmitter is pressed when the key is not inserted into the ignition key cylinder and all the doors are closed, the vehicle’s own recognition code* and the function code* * are transmitted. When the door control receiver receives these codes, the CPU in the door control receiver begins to check and judge. If the receiver recognizes that the received vehicle’s own recognition code is door lock/unlock, it outputs the door lock/unlock signal to the integration relay.

* Recognition code:

60-digit digital code consisting of rolling code which changes by a switch operation and ID code.

* * Function code:

4-digit digital code which indicates the operation.

(2)Operation on the integration relay side

When the integration relay receives the door lock/unlock signal, it turns on Tr1/Tr2, causing the lock/unlock relay to be turned on. As a result, all the door lock control motors turn on the lock/unlock side.

Lock operation

Unlock operation

Some models have a door lock position switch also at the passenger’s doors.

2.Two-step unlock operation

To perform the two-step unlock operation, an unlock relay (D) dedicated for the driver’s door and Tr3 that controls the unlock relay (D) are added in the integration relay.

(1)When the unlock switch of the transmitter is pressed only once, the integration relay turns on Tr3 and the driver’s door unlock relay (D), and finally rotates only the driver’s door door lock control motor on the unlock side.

(2)When the unlock switch of the transmitter is pressed twice in succession within three seconds, the integration relay turns on both Tr3 and Tr2, turns on the unlock relays (D) and (P) of the driver’s and passenger’s doors and rotates all the door lock motors on the unlock side.

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